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Bathroom Remodeling Ideas - Free Graph Paper Square

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Using graph paper square to plan your bathroom remodeling ideas

Turning your bathroom-remodeling dream into a reality starts with making a plan. I know that you probably want to get started on the work right away and making a plan doesn't sound very interesting right now but if you skip this step then you will be sorry later, believe me. I'm going to show you a simple way to draw a plan of your new bathroom that can actually be fun and the result will become invaluable to you throughout your bathroom-remodeling project.

Simple steps to drawing bathroom-remodeling plans

Get some squared graph paper

bathroom remodeling ideas floor plan Making drawings of your bathroom design on squared paper might remind you a lot about your days at school but the skills that you learned then, drawing graphs and objects to scale, will come in very handy now. If you somehow escaped having to do this at school don't worry because it isn't rocket science in fact, it's very simple and can be fun. If you don't have any square graph paper to hand you can print some out using the free documents at the end of this page.

Carefully measure the size and shape of the bathroom

Use a tape measure to make detailed measurements of your bathroom. Try to be as accurate as you can because even a small error can make all the difference especially when remodeling small bathrooms. Start by measuring the length, width and height of the room then fill in any details such as windows and pipe work etc. When measuring the bathroom always take measurements at both ends because it's surprising how often rooms aren't exactly 'square'. When you have measured the room itself you should also measure the size and shape of the existing equipment. Write down all the measurements ready to draw out the plan.

Draw a plan of the room when it is empty

The first drawing you will need is one of the room bare of all fixtures. This should be quite easy unless the room is an odd shape. Using your measurements for the room carefully draw the outline on square graph paper. Make full use of the squares on the paper to help you draw a true scale drawing that uses as much of the paper as possible. For instance, if your room is 7 foot 6 inches by 12 foot 6 inches and you have some graph paper with 18 squares by 26 squares then a suitable scale might be 2 squares to the foot. This will fit on your paper using a rectangle of 15 squares by 25 squares.

You might want to make several copies of the bare bathroom plan to use later. You can either photocopy one that you have drawn or simply draw out several copies.

Draw a plan of the existing bathroom

Use your measurements to draw a plan of the existing bathroom and it's fixtures. This is where one of your bare room plans will come in handy. You will find that this is good practice for when it comes to drawing out your new design and it will give you something to show contractors when you are explaining how you want the bathroom to be redesigned. It will be clear from this diagram where all the main services are located. Don't forget to mark the position of faucets on the bath so that it's clear where the existing pipe work is situated. It's worth taking your time with this diagram because it might be the last chance you get.

Measure the size and shape of new fixtures

You should be able to get most of the measurements that you need for your new bathroom fixtures from sales brochures but I like to go to the showroom and measure it up for myself. Sometimes you will realise that you might need a little more space than the brochure suggests when you see it in real life. Again be as accurate as you can with the measurements because they will be important later on.

Draw new bathroom fixtures on squared graph paper and cut them out

Using your measurements for the new fixtures, draw them accurately on your square graph paper and carefully cut them out so that you have shapes of the bathtub, toilet, washbasin, shower cubicle etc. Write on the cut outs exactly what they represent including the make and model and it's measurements. Take one of your drawings of the bare room and have fun arranging all the items in different ways until you have a design that works with your bathroom remodeling idea.

Try different arrangements and ideas for new bathroom fixtures

Spend some time trying out different ideas. Try to think 'out of the box' if you're trying to solve tricky problems or come up with something that's a little different. How about putting the bathtub in the middle of the room instead of along the wall for instance.

Draw up the final bathroom design plans

When you think that you have your final bathroom design idea, make a hard copy of it by drawing the shapes onto one of your bare room plans. Don't throw away your cut out shapes though because you might well need them later on when the contractors tell you "you can't put that there" for some reason. You might change your mind about one or two things too so have the shapes close at hand so that you can quickly test out your ideas.

Free Graph Paper Square for your bathroom-remodeling project

The documents below contain squared graph paper that you are free to print off and use to design your new bathroom with. The documents are in Adobe pdf format so you will need a pdf reader installed on your system to use them. You can get a free pdf reader from here

A4 Sized squared Paper

A4 1 mm squares
A4 2 mm squares
A4 5 mm squares
A4 10 mm squares

Letter Sized squared Paper

Letter 1/16 inch squares
Letter 1/12 inch squares
Letter 1/10 inch squares
Letter 1/8 inch squares
Letter 1/4 inch squares

Before you finalise your design don't forget about any bathroom accessory you might have in mind. Make sure that you will be able to fit in whatever additional items around the fixtures in your plan.

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